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MoonFall Synopsis





A village is devastated when one of their youth, Lina, is seduced by the wayward Moon. In a jealous rage, the Sun casts a terrible drought upon the earth, destroying their fields and town. The Villagers unite with the strange Muses to recover Lina, and restore balance to the cosmos.


Act I 


Scene 1. The Sky

The Sun King, soars proudly through the skies, with not a thought for anyone or anything else. His hubris knows no bounds. As dusk falls over the fields, the Moon Queen wanders across the sky, connected to everything, feeling the weight and heaviness of all things. The Sun and Moon join in a pas de deux showing that not all is right in their relationship.


Scene 2. The Village

The Villagers go about their daily chores, in a joyful co-existence. Lina, a beautiful youth, wanders amongst them. Presently a traveling team of Muses tumbles through the village square, entertaining all. Lina takes her lover Torveldt to the fields.


Scene 3. The Fields

While villagers work the fields, Lina and Torveldt playfully flirt, until Torveldt must leave for chores. As the Moon Queen rises, she is transfixed by Lina’s beauty in the field below. Unable to resist, the Moon descends, to enchant and seduce Lina into passionate lovemaking lasting the night through. When the Sun rises and catches them in the act, he is furious, and breaks into a jealous rage, hurling devastating fire that scorches the Earth.


Act II - to be performed Contemporaneously on different stages


Scene 1. The Tavern

The Villagers are gathered in the tavern, devastated after the Sun’s outburst. Torveldt attempts to lead a conversation about how to survive the terrible drought that has befallen them. Many have turned to alcohol to get by, and they attempt a drunken waltz to lift their spirits. 


Scene 2. The Fields

Lina and the Moon are in ecstatic union, enjoying the bliss of their forbidden love, knowing that it cannot last.


Scene 3. The Fields

The Magician and Muses attempt to devise magical power that can reverse the terrible climate curse. 




Scene 1. The Scorched Fields

Earth sings a breakup song to Torveldt as he surveys the damage left by the sun’s anger. The Sun descends to Torveldt to tell him of his sadness at losing the Moon. The two perform a Pas De Deux, as Torveldt empathizes with the Sun.


Scene 2. The Scorched Village

The Villagers wander through their scorched town, surveying the damage. The Muses enter and try to tell the Villagers what to do. It doesn’t go well, and soon intense fighting breaks out. Eventually Torveldt stops the fighting and is able to unite everyone.


Scene 3. The Fields at Night

The Moon and Lina are troubled; Lina longs to return to Earth and Torveldt. The Sun rises menacingly attempts to chase down the Moon but can’t quite catch her. The magician appears in the field below and attempts to use his magic to pull Lina down to Earth, but doesn’t have enough strength. Torveldt arrives to help, but realizes that he will need all the Villagers to help bring Lina back. He returns with them, and only as a group united are they able to pull Lina down from the sky. When Lina is reunited with Torveldt, and the Moon returns to the arms of the Sun, rain begins to fall, and the field is miraculously restored to its previous beauty.  The entire cast dances one last joyful coda, as balance is restored to the cosmos.

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